Cheney Visits La Crosse

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Vice President Dick Cheney was on the campaign trail in La Crosse Wednesday morning, speaking to a crowd of about 500 at the WalzCraft Company.

The Vice President and his wife Lynne toured the facility, which builds cabinet doors, frames and moldings.

When he addressed supporters, Cheney, a former UW grad student, talked of working on his first statewide campaign more than 30 years ago with former Wisconsin Governor Warren Knowles.

Cheney also touted the Bush Administration's tax cuts. "Here in La Crosse, you have the benefits of looking at the facts. You're the ones who benefited from the tax cuts, you're the ones who put the tax relief to good use, and you're the ones who are showing the results," says Cheney.

Cheney credits the tax cuts for the 1.5 million new jobs created nationwide in the past 10 months, and he says the Bush Administration plans to continue a pro-growth agenda for the next four years.