Waterford Development

The Eau Claire City Council will vote on whether to approve what's to become called the Waterford Development on the city's east side.

It's slated to be built where the old Eau Claire Country Clubhouse sits along Hwy 53 at Main Street, but several area residents are opposed to the project.

Wednesday evening they met with the developers, the Goldridge Group, to ask questions.

The meeting began by having a staff member from the Goldridge Group describe the project, which will be made up of commercial, retail, and residential buildings.

After they were done talking residents were able to ask questions and share concerns, most of which were about traffic.

The Goldridge Group says the traffic studies show the development will not add much congestion.

Both sides agreed the meeting went well and a lot of questions were answered.

The Council will hear from both sides on Monday night and is expected to vote Tuesday on a project that might not be fully built for around five years.