Turf Update

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The new turf for the football field at Carson Park has arrived, but that doesn't mean the deadline delays have been solved.

According to city officials, the crews from Field Turf, the company contracted by the city for the job, won't be at the field to install the turf until next week Monday. The 38 rolls of turf were unloaded Thursday, but they will wait at the field.

With all of the delays, officials say they don't know when the field will be completed.

"They haven't asked for an extension of the August 20 deadline, but I fully expect that to be coming and we will need to see how we're going to address that later," says Parks Superintendent Phil Johnson.

It takes around 25 days to install the turf, but Johnson says the company may decide to hire more staff and work around the clock.

According to the contract field turf has with the city, each day of delay will cost the company $2,000.