Local Company Develops Parenting Tool

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Realityworks, located in Eau Claire, has developed a program is says teaches good parenting, and discourages teen pregnancy.
The Baby Think It Over program uses a life-like doll to teach students the challenges of parenting.
The doll cries, burps, coughs, and makes feeding and breathing sounds.
It needs to be fed and has diapers that need changing.
The doll even monitors and records abuse or neglect by its caretaker.
Stephanie Rowe, a health education teacher at South Middle School, has used the program.
The program has drawn international attention. Next week Rowe will travel to Iceland to teach local nurses how to use the program.
Consultants in Iceland hope to use the program to reduce the rate of teen pregnancy in the region.
Iceland currently has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Scandinavia.