College Student Faces Felony Charges

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A UW-Eau Claire sophomore has been charged with felony voter fraud for voting twice during the state's spring primary elections.

Twenty-year-old Michael R. Howard had voted with an absentee ballot from his hometown of Appleton and then voted in person while attending school in Eau Claire.
In the criminal complaint filed Tuesday, Howard told police that he didn't know he couldn't vote twice in the same election.

Eau Claire city officials say voting is a right that should be taken seriously.

"The whole basis of the election process is one person, one vote and if you got more than one vote they you'd be in violation of the law," says election specialist Carol Schumacher.

If convicted, Howard could face a maximum penalty of 42 months in prison and a $10,000 fine.

His initial court appearance is scheduled for Sept. 9 in Outagamie County.