Drug Arrests

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Police arrested 17 individuals in a regional drug bust last Friday. Those individuals have made their initial appearances in court and are now awaiting their preliminary hearings on charges ranging from burglary to dealing methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, and other drugs.

More than 80 officers from a number of area law enforcement agencies assisted in executing the search warrants that resulted in last Friday's arrests. Authorities say the 40 criminal complaints filed illustrate a disturbing trend.

"What I'm seeing in these cases is what I've sadly seen in a lot of other cases," says District Attorney Rich White. "Serious drug activity, spilling over into property crime that tends to victimize people that have nothing to do with the drug activities."

The arrests sparked two new felony investigations. Five people, including a juvenile, are still at large in connection with Friday's arrests; they are also facing drug charges.

The 17 individuals will appear in court next Tuesday for their preliminary hearings.