Parents accused of stealing from Iraq War Veteran

By: WEAU staff Email
By: WEAU staff Email

The parents of an Iraq War Veteran wounded in a roadside bombing are now accused of stealing and gambling with his money.

Michael and Lori Nault are both charged with theft for spending at least $53,000 on gambling expenses.

Shane Nault of Eau Claire suffered brain damage and has been in a wheelchair since he was hurt in 2007.

According to the criminal complaint, investigators found several withdrawals made at casinos in Black River Falls, Minnesota, and West Virginia from an account belonging to Shane Nault.
Michael and Lori Nault will be in court on June 17th.

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  • by Anonymous on Jun 9, 2010 at 05:34 PM
    I think I have seen these parents at the Casino. If it is the ones that I have seen, I think the numbers are conservative. Who was watching Shane when they were at the Casino. Lock them up.
  • by Breaking Heart Location: Washington, DC on Jun 8, 2010 at 05:02 AM
    My heart goes out to both Shane and his parents. At the end of the day IS THIS SOLDIER BEING TAKEN OF? Is he improving; receiving medical care and receiving the love and attention that he needs? YES!Gambling is an addiction such as drinking and drugs. Is it possible that this was their way of relieving the stress and it got out of hand? YES!Were any of you there when they prayed over their son day and night? Were any of you there when they watched other Soldiers pass away not knowing if their son would be next? Were any of you there when they consoled the other families through their own pain? Trust me it was really rough on them. I am very upset about their situation and wish that they could have handled it better, but I am not blinded by the dollar. I could care less who spends what as long as this Soldier is recieving the love and intense care that he needs. I am sure that this is a lesson learned and from here on out his monies will be accounted for. Pray for our heros and families!
  • by Seriously Location: WI on Jun 7, 2010 at 07:54 PM
    It amazes me how uniformed our Americans are still today. I could list on one hand the attacks on US soil in the last couple months, yet alone in the past nine years. How many prior to 9/11 I could list. This war is not about oil, nor was it ever about oil. There have been hundreds of arrests alone in MN and WI of terrorists attempting and plotting their revenge. Maybe you are not seeing it on the nightly news but if you research it enough you will find it-do some research. 10% of our brightest soldiers to defend our borders, do we forget the war being waged at our southern border we can't handle. Our military is in those foreign lands helping innocent people all over the world have a morsel of the freedoms we enjoy daily. Take pride in your country, just because our president has no pride in it does not mean the rest of us shouldn't! Bring them back, close our borders, do away with the majority of the military jobs, see how our economy and way of life is then. Seriously get informed!
  • by Carl on Jun 6, 2010 at 09:57 PM
    Frank, I couldn't agree with you more. Sure Americans don't have the right to be blown up in our streets, but come on, I think we have gotten our revenge. All we are doing is enriching already fat cats and making America poor as church mice. Time to pull out of the middle east 100%. If the oil companies want protection, let them hire private contactors ao other government entitys to do the job. Time to pull back our military onto our shores. Outside of the shipping lanes for reasonable commerce, we have no need to go any place. No one would dare attack us. We could cut down to the best and brightest 10% to protect our shores from slight threats and save a bundle, maybe even save our economy and take care of our own people for a change.
  • by cjo Location: BV on Jun 6, 2010 at 02:07 PM
    Shame on them! After all this young man has went through just to have his parent betray him! It makes me sick! Obviously they have other people, whether it is family or not, taking care of Shane while they are away on their little vacations spending his money. $53,000 (at least) on gambling expenses? Are you kidding? It is reported through other news outlets (B-95) that Lori and Michael took more than 100 casino trips. They also bought a pick up truck with Shane's money that Shane can't even be transported in. This was also posted on B-95 website; "Prosecutors say when discrepancies were first noticed in bank accounts, the Naults said they thought they could spend the money since they were not working and were staying home to care for their son. But the couple allegedly continued to spend the money even though they were clearly told it was not allowed for things like gambling and other questionable expenses, such as $4100 spent on jewelry."
  • by Frank Location: A sad America on Jun 5, 2010 at 08:55 PM
    I have to defend Hilde here about the war. The ONLY reason we are in the Middle East is to protect a very few rich peoples investments. We only get 3% of our oil from there, most ME oil goes to Europe and Japan. Why do we blled in young peoples lives and our tax dollars and they do not instead? If the Arabs want us gone, fine lets leave. If we do the tensions will go down as will the price of oil. Ever think about that? Certain parties both there and here have a vested intrest to keep the area in conflict. Yes we were attacked 9 years ago, but how about we tell the world we will devestate any country that lets terrorists strike us from there, and realy mean it? We have 50000 nuc warheads. Who is going to hurt us? Nope, the poor kids of this nation are fighting a war so the rich kids can keep driving Ferraris ot high school. Plain and simple. This young man and plenty more like him have suffered for Halliburtin, nothing more.
  • by Sarah Location: Elk Mound on Jun 5, 2010 at 08:48 AM
    @Hildee, it is "High Class" parents like Shane's, and soldiers like Shane that give the freedom you have--you need to REMEMBER that!!! Those men & women put their lives on the line for you, me, and millions of people they don't even know, you should be thanking them--not bashing them! I applaude Shane's parents for being his full-time caregivers, it is NOT an easy task, but it is SO much better for him to be @ home (a home built just for him & his special needs)than in an institution. These are good people, they just clearly have a problem. I am NOT saying what they did is right, it is very, very wrong, but I agree with Anonymous, punish them, but don't take away the only thing he has left! I have seen his family with him and they care for him a great deal! Good luck and THANK YOU for your sacrifice!
  • by Unreal on Jun 5, 2010 at 05:04 AM
    This is awful. I feel so bad for this young man. Hopefully justice will be served and he gets his money back. He puts his life on the line serving our country and his parents do this. So sad! Since he has a brain injury the parents may have had legal (finalcial power of attorney) rights to his money -if that is the case they still had no right to spend it like they did. Maybe jail time will make them realize that. I hope this young man has somone else watching out for him and can get his money back.
  • by Proud American Location: Chippewa on Jun 4, 2010 at 06:29 PM
    TO Hildee If you can not stand behind our Military Please feel free to stand in front of them ben laden said when he started this fight that they did not have to beat the US Military just outlast the American Peoples will to continue the fight
  • by resident Location: eau claire on Jun 4, 2010 at 06:16 PM
    Garnishe their wages??? They QUIT their jobs to take care of their son! I have to agree with you, he is in the best place for care. I wouldnt place my worst enemy in a nursing home, having experienced first hand, like you, the treatment they DONT provide!
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