97 people in Eau Claire receive notices to mow their lawns

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Alvin Von Haden is out on his front lawn at least once a week.

"I get plenty of walking with this," Von Haden said.

He is cutting the grass -- going back and forth until everything looks neat and tidy once again. But it is not all about appearances. Keeping your lawn cut is city law.

"Lawn and weed growth should not exceed seven inches in height," said Steve Thompson, Eau Claire's Street Maintenance Manager.

He says that is a rule that has been on the books for years. Problem is some people are not following it.

"When the weeds start to grow and we get complaints from residents, that's when we start doing inspections and sending out the letters," Thompson said.

Those letters go out to homes, notifying people living there to cut the grass within five days. Thompson says 97 letters have already gone out just in the last couple weeks. If they do not act, city crews are sent in to do the work.

The person living there is stuck with the bill. Thompson says depending on the size of the yard, it could be anywhere from $90 to $250.

"Rodents and trash are hidden in there and can become a big mess if it's not taken care of," Thompson said.

By comparison in 2013, 294 letters were sent out. The city ended up cutting 51 lawns, bringing in about $7,200 in fees.

When you measure it out, you can see a difference between a low cut lawn and one that is pushing the seven inch mark.

Von Haden is back and forth on whether the rule is a good idea. But he says he would be first in line for the job if anybody needs help cutting their lawn.

"I'm available," he joked.

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