New Voters Project

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August 26 marks the 84th anniversary of women's suffrage winning the right to vote.

Utilizing the freedom of the right to vote for young women and men is the main motivation for a non-partisan grassroots effort that has a base on the UW-Eau Claire campus.

The New Voters Project has outposts on 52 different campuses state-wide, and has a goal to register 85,000 individuals ranging in age from 18-24.

So far, more than 67,000 high school and college students have been registered.

Organizers say they want young voters to realize the impact they can have at the polls.

"When you consider that Wisconsin was decided by just over 5000 votes in the last election, young people will decide the future political direction of this country and the state of Wisconsin," says Jessy Tolkan, the statewide campus director from New Voters Project.

The base on UW-Eau Claire is just getting started but is already looking for volunteers.

For more information, check the group's website: