FieldTurf Sympathizes With Carson's Delay

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The field at Carson Park is completely green for the first time since July. The crew has one new member and the company says more workers are on the way from a job in Illinois.

CEO John Gilman says due to the other 250 fields the company contracted this summer, they acknowledge they fell behind at Carson Park.

"We thought we'd be able to complete the job on the original date, it just became impossible with delays."

In a statement released Thursday, the company said those delays included difficulty finding union workers and paying them a local prevailing wage. They also maintain the city should have bid out the project sooner.

The city disagrees.

"Even before we bid this project, we sat down with FieldTurf and said if you can't have it done by the first game, then tell us and we'll postpone the project until November.”

The company made assurances the field would be completed, says Fieber. He believes the company is now trying to cover its tracks.

"I think FieldTurf finally realized this project probably should have been a higher priority than it was."

Gilman said workers will have the field completed by September 11, but city officials aren't advising teams to alter schedules to include dates before the contract deadline of September 16.