Barron County Shooting

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An early morning shooting in Barron County sends one man to the hospital and puts a sheriff's deputy on administrative leave.

The Barron County sheriff says a deputy from his department shot a man who put the lives of several deputies and a police officer in "imminent danger" during a call this morning.

For workers at Louie's Finer Meats in Cumberland, Saturday was not business as usual.

"We tried to determine what was happening," said Louie Muench, owner of Louie's Finer Meats. "The police department was looking for shell casings, and employees were concerend about their safety."

Just before 4:00 Saturday morning, law enforcement officers responded to a situation at this home across the street from the store, on the corner of Jeffrey Boulevard and U.S. Highway 63 in Cumberland.

"A City of Cumberland officer and a number of Barron County sheriff's deputies were dealing with a subject that made threats against law enforcement and other individuals," Barron County Sheriff Tom Richie said. "The situation escalated when the subject exited his house with a long rifle and fired a round from that weapon."

Barron County Sheriff Tom Richie says the man ignored repeated requests from the deputies to surrender his weapon, and that's when a deputy fired two rounds.

Both rounds hit the man, sending him to the hospital.

Both lanes of Highway 63, along with two neighboring side roads, were shut down for hours this morning: blocking the entrance to Louie's and causing people to talk.

"In a small town like this, it was kind of the buzz," Muench said.

"To this point, in reviewing the statements and evidence so far, it appears it was certainly a justifiable shooting," Richie said.

Richie says the deputy involved in the shooting is on administrative leave until the investigation is done.

He says that's standard procedure in this type of situation.

Richie says the investigation has been turned over to the Polk County Sheriff's Department.

Attempts to contact someone inside the home on Jeffrey Boulevard were unsuccessful.