A Look into the Russian Ukraine Conflict

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(WEAU)--The conflict between Russia and Ukraine boils down to a difference in politics.

The region in turmoil, Crimea, borders Ukraine, Russia and the Black Sea and historically has been a very important port for Russia and Ukraine who have been close allies in the past.

The divide started last month when the President of Ukraine was forced to flee the country and a group of government oppositionists took over the country. One of the reasons for the coup is a disagreement over having ties with the European Union or Russia.

“Here is a good analogy, imagine after Scott Walker got elected and all the people protested down in Madison and then there was some violence and somebody shot first and people died and then next thing you know Scott Walker leaves Wisconsin and the protestors take over the state of Wisconsin. This is what happened in Ukraine, UW -Eau Claire Political Science Professor Steven Majstorovic said.

Majstorovic said the conflict in Ukraine stemmed from an issue on who to turn to for economic help. He says both the European Union and Russia offered Ukraine options which divide political parties in Ukraine.

“So when Yanukovych (the ousted Ukraine President) went with Putin and the opposition didn't like that (choice) ,” said Majstorovic.

Majstorovic says that lead to two breeches of international law. The first when the opposition parties overthrew the government and the second when Russia brought military forces to the country.

Majstorovic says he believes Putin’s to invade Ukraine was to try and protect his country’s interests.

But he says he doesn't believe the conflict will escalate to a war. President Obama and Russian President Vladmir Putin have already talked and secretary of state John Kerry was in Ukraine Tuesday.