A look in to political campaigns ads

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EAU CLAIRE, WIS (WEAU)- Political ads are dominating commercial space and with just over a month till Election Day, the bombardment of campaign ads isn't likely to let up.

"I've never seen so much money being spent on ads this early in the campaign usually this kind advertisement is done just days before the election."

One reason for the increased ads is new legislation that allows for unlimited campaign spending for corporations.

"The big game changer is the amount of money that can be spent through a bill called Citizens United that basically says a corporation can spend an unlimited amount of money without telling you who they are,” said UW -Eau Claire marketing professor Chuck Tomkovick

He says the change has led to more and more negative advertising.

“Politically we are so divided that with political ads all you are seeing are one sided arguments,” said Tomkovick

Political analyst john frank says in the presidential race both president Obama and Mitt Romney are using their ads to push a message and are leaving the attacks to 'interest groups.'
Frank says while by law, like with any advertisement, political ads have to be factual-the facts are often taken out of context and given a whole new meaning.

“What the ‘sleeper effect’ says is that may hear information and not believe the source but over the course of time you forget the source and remember the info," said Tomkovick

“People should look at a political ad like a movie trailer. They (the commercials) raise questions but you better check those facts,” said Frank.