Area districts support Common Core standards after two states eliminate them

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STRUM, Wis. (WEAU) - Governors in Oklahoma and South Carolina have signed laws abandoning the Common Core education standards.

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School districts in western Wisconsin said the Common Core standards, adopted in 2010 and 2011 by 45 states, have helped teachers and students with a clear set of expectations for each grade level.

“How we teach it is up to us, but it really gave us clear direction on what we need to teach at every level to be competitive with other schools, to be competitive with other states, and within the international community,” Eleva Strum Superintendent Craig Semingson said.

“I've seen a benefit on behalf of our teachers, I’ve seen some of them gaining in professional development and having a deeper understanding of what curriculum is and what it should be today,” Elk Mound Superintendent Ron Walsh said.

Backed by the Obama administration, Indiana, and more recently Oklahoma and South Carolina have eliminated the program, saying it lacks local control.

“Personally, I don't think it's a good idea just to discard the common core standards, they have been very wisely established and I think they serve an excellent purpose,” Walsh said.

“With the mobile society that we're in nowadays, we see a lot more students moving in and out during the school year and we'll know what those students will have been taught during those years,” Semingson said.

While the Eau Claire Regis school district said it's not mandated to follow the common core because it's private, implementing ideas from it has helped its students.

“Anything that's working, and gets our kids to where we need them to be, we certainly use that and utilize it and take tools and find things that are good from it,” St. James and St. Mary’s school principal Kelly Bowe said.

Chippewa Falls school district said that Common Core has been helpful, and it's seeing students reach higher expectations.

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