Area farmers dealing with wet weather

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Chippewa County, Wis. "You have to plant when the soil is fit to plant."

Here at Custer Farms in Chippewa County most of the work being done around here is indoors right now.

"Looks like we may be drying out a little bit next week."

Owner Ken Custer says it's still too soon to tell if the wet weather we've been seeing the last few days will affect when they can plant their crops for this season.

"If we can get the corn planted by the 10th of may we won't take a lot of yield hit. Last year proved we can still plant after the 10th of may and still get decent yields."

Custer says it's not just the wet weather that can affect his crops but extreme weather in general.

"Extremely wet extremely dry, it seems to go for a period and then it just switches. Last year was extremely dry, through June July and August and we had some yields that turned out
to be very poor.

But no matter what the weather is Custer says area farmers will just have to adapt to whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

"We're used to an early start in this area, recent years we've been out and have been very active in March and April, but the last couple of years it seems to be a little different again."

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