Autopsies to be performed on bodies found in Town of Geneva

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Geneva, Wisc. (TODAY'S TMJ4) -- Police in the Town of Geneva confirm autopsies will be performed Friday on two bodies found off the side of the road. Investigators are releasing very few details about what they've found so far.

The police chief wouldn't confirm how the bodies were found, but other sources are offering details. Two suitcases were supposedly found outside the Como Lake area, between Elkhorn and Lake Geneva. Those suitcases contained decomposing human remains. Passersby say they saw flies when they got out to investigate the suitcase.

The chief says there is no immediate threat to the public. We will continue to follow this story and bring you updates as we get them.
According to Today's TMJ4 reporter Jonah Kaplan, county lawn mowers discovered two suitcases in his tracks in a ditch along North Como Road around 3 PM on Thursday.

The mower, unsuspecting of the contents, simply moved the suitcases out of the way an by the side of the road (the nearby ditches are frequently used as dump sites for tires and other trash).

A short time later, a passerby called police alerting them of the two suitcases. The caller did not open the suitcase nor smell anything nor suspect any foul play.

Police arrived and an investigator opened the suitcases and found the bodies.

Chief Steve Hurley confirms each suitcase held one body. They were both large pieces of luggage - and one was bigger than the other.

At this point, investigators are trying to figure out how long the bodies were there, their ages and sexes, how they died, and ultimately their identities. The chief says autopsies could be an all day process and the DNA tests could take several days, if not weeks.

Residents say they have not heard of any missing persons or children. Chief Hurley added that there are no such reports in the Town of Geneva. Investigators are now contacting several agencies and working directly with the Walworth County Sheriff.

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