Badgers fans react to loss at Rose Bowl

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(WEAU) -- "It's been a good game so far, were keeping it close," said Jennifer Nelson, who was watching the Badgers game at the Pine Meadow Golf Club in Eau Claire.

You would think when meeting Jennifer Nelson for the first time, she would be rooting for a California team. She calls San Diego home now, but there is more than meets a name.

"Even though I live in California, I'm a Wisconsin girl and miss my cheese curds," she said.

And today, the UW-Stout grad surrounded herself by Badger fans at the Barley Club in Eau Claire.

"Cousins, friends, my dad," she said about the people sitting near her.

She is watching a game happening 1,500 miles away, all the while remembering when she was in Pasadena to watch the Badgers in 1999.

"The streets were filled with Badger fans and it was so awesome being in another state full of Wisconsin fans," she said.

And those are memories that Bob Roemer shares as well.

"It was just a great atmosphere, many Badger fans have been there many times," Roemer added.

A UW-Madison grad, he knows the Badgers well. And he says an experience at the Rose Bowl even trumps football's golden game.

"I have been to a Super Bowl before but I thought the Rose Bowl was more," he said.

All through the night, Bob and his son watched as the Badgers worked for a Rose Bowl win.

It is excitement that ran right up until the last moments of the game. The Badgers, in the end, ended up six points shy of a win.

But despite the loss, football fans will be back out again this weekend, trading red for green.

"They're playing in Green Bay, it's a done deal, it's a done deal," said James Peterson about Saturday's Packers game.

An upbeat beginning for one team, after a tough loss for the other.

"They played hard, a couple iffy calls, but they played hard and Stanford played hard, so overall it was a very good game," said Jim Berbrackan, who was watching the game tonight.

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