Barron Co. deputies warn of "fake deputy" scam

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BARRON COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) A new phone scam has hit Barron County.

The Sheriff’s Department says it's received over a dozen reports from noon to six Tuesday, of someone posing as a member of the Barron County Sheriff’s Department or an association assisting the Sheriff’s Department in raising funds for different programs from DARE to seat belt checks.

The caller will claim that the money will stay in Barron County and ask if you want to donate. The caller will also offer to stop by and pick up the check or cash at your business or house so you don’t have to mail it.

Sheriff's deputies advise that you do not give them your address and if someone does show up at your house to collect to call 911.

At this time the department has no reports of anyone showing up at any house or businesses but the callers have claimed that they will.

The Sheriff’s Department is not affiliated with these calls and will not call you and ask for money for our programs.

Deputies suggest you tell them you are not interested and tell them that you give locally already to get the callers to stop contacting you.

Please report any incidents of this to the Barron County Sheriff’s Dept at 715-537-3106.

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