Blair Taylor to vote on $17 million referendum

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BLAIR, Wis (WEAU)--On Tuesday, the communities of Blair and Taylor are scheduled to vote on a $17 million referendum to create a unified campus for the school district. The money would allow the district to close its elementary school and build a new addition to their grades 7 -12 building to make room for the elementary students.

The District says the elementary school has simply outlived its use. Since the building was built in 1926, it had nine remodels and additions.

“What we have here is over the past several years is we've detected movement in the buildings ceilings and you can see the sag there and we are keeping a close eye on this but it is something to be concerned about,” School Board President Dave Smikrud said.

Smikrud says the cost of remodeling the school is $10 million and would just keep the school functioning but not fix the problem.

After a facilities and planning study, the district decided its best option was to build for just $7 million more.

But at a cost of $96 a year on a $100,000 home over the next 20 years, the community is split on which way to vote.

"It seems like a lot to me for the town around,” Peter Jacobchick said.