NEW INFORMATION: Spontaneous combustion blamed for smoke near town hall

Fire Truck
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TOWN OF LAFAYETTE, Wis. (WEAU) – A firefighter is saying spontaneous combustion is to blame for the smoke behind the Town of Lafayette Town Hall.

Lafayette firefighter Mark Roshell says that the department was able to extinguish most of the brush that had rekindled from a previous fire, but that crews will need a bigger piece of equipment to put it completely out. He expects that equipment to get to town on Sunday night.

Roshell says the department has received complaints from people living north of the building. He says the smoke is not a health concern.
TOWN OF LAFAYETTE, Wis. (WEAU) – In Chippewa County, firefighters near the Lafayette Town Hall worked to put out a brush pile fire that created a lot of smoke for people in homes nearby.

There was no evacuation Tuesday night and the firefighters hope to get rid of the brush pile by Saturday. We took several calls from people Tuesday night who say the smoke was bad enough they were taking their families elsewhere to sleep.

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