Busy weekend for fire crews after storm in La Crosse

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It was a busy weekend for firefighters in La Crosse. Crews say many storm-related calls were coming in Saturday night, and among them, a house fire that wasn't easy to put out.

It happened just after 8:30 p.m. Saturday at 307 Caledonia St. Crews say fire was found in the basement and attic. After getting everyone out of the home, fire crews began attacking the fire. That's when three different firefighters reported getting shocks.

The electrical service had been damaged so crews had to wait until Xcel Energy could cut power off.
Once power was cut, crews continued to put out the fire.

No one was hurt but damage is severe.

Crews said every single fire department apparatus and reserve engines were out during Saturday night’s storms. Other calls included trees on fire, lines down on homes, power pole fires and trees on vehicle.

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