COMMUNITY CPR DAY: A demonstration of "Hands Only CPR"

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) – Seeing someone collapse in front of you is a situation we all dread. CPR can more than double a person’s chances for survival. Its a simple technique that anyone can do.

On Saturday, you have the opportunity to learn how to save a life, as WEAU and Sacred Heart Hospital host Community CPR Day.

On Tuesday, We talked with Robin Schultz of Sacred Heart Hospital about Hands Only CPR.

"You really only need to know two simple steps,” Schultz said. “The first is to call 911 or send someone to call 911, so they can activate our emergency response system, and the other is to just get to the center of the chest and do hard, fast, deep compressions."

Schultz demonstrated the technique on a dummy.

"We want the rate to be at least 100 beats per minute across the board. A good way to remember that is that Bee Gees theme, “Staying alive.” It's a catchy tune and it's got 100 beats per minute."

Schultz suggests finding the center of the patient's chest, overlapping your hands, and interlocking them.

“That really gives your body support and stability," she said.

She calls it a quick opportunity to get in and act and fill in a three-to-four-minute period until emergency responders can get there.

“It gives that patient another chance of a successful outcome and survival."

This Saturday is your chance to learn Hands Only CPR at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire. It only takes one hour of your time, and it's free. You can sign up for yourself or a group of up to five people by clicking on the link below. Three different sessions are offered, starting at 10 a.m. and running through 3 p.m.