COMMUNITY FIRST: Junior League donates almost $3,000 to diaper bank

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Diaper Bank at Feed My People Food Bank recently received a near $3,000 donation.

On Thursday, the Junior League of Eau Claire announced that it had made the donation June 6. The money came from the funds the Junior League raised at several events, including the Celebration of Women.

Junior League President Valerie Bestland says the money will buy a lot of diapers, and that the staff at Feed My People is grateful for the donation.
EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (JUNIOR LEAGUE OF EAU CLAIRE NEWS RELEASE) -- June 11, 2014 – On Friday, June 6th, the Junior League of Eau Claire, made a donation of almost $3,000 to the Diaper Bank at Feed My People food bank. The donation of money came from fundraising efforts by the Junior League group including their Celebration of Women event and many other smaller fundraisers.

“The staff at Feed My People are so grateful for the donation. That money will buy a lot of diapers” said Valerie Bestland, President of Junior League for Eau Claire. “I am so proud of the hard work that has allowed us to give this generous donation.”

An adequate supply of diapers can cost over $100 a month. In 2008, the WIC (a federal nutrition program for women, infants and children) office in Eau Claire served 3,875 clients and more than half of those clients were infants and children in diapers, however, the WIC program does not currently include diapers. In fact, no federal social safety net programs currently include diapers.

Local food pantries provide diapers to families only when they have been donated or when they are available for purchase at a low cost, which is rare. Most people living in poverty do not have affordable access to washing facilities, so they cannot use cloth diapers. Even if they did, most coin operated Laundromats do not allow customers to wash cloth diapers for health and sanitary reasons.

In poor and low-income families a baby can spend a day or longer in one diaper, leading to potential health and abuse risks. Low-income parents cannot take advantage of free or subsidized childcare if they cannot afford to leave disposable diapers at childcare centers. If parents cannot access daycare, then they are less able to attend work or school on a consistent basis. This in turn leads to increased economic instability and continuation of the cycle of poverty.

Many parents are already struggling to pay for rent and food and simply cannot afford the high cost of an adequate supply of diapers for their children.

The Diaper Bank, a project developed through Junior League of Eau Claire, continues to find and support the distribution of disposable diapers throughout the Chippewa Valley.

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