CONNECTICUT SCHOOL SHOOTING: How to talk to your kids about the tragedy

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(WEAU) -- For a parent, a tragedy like the Connecticut school shooting may be the most terrifying moment in their life. And what about for a child? What's going through their minds?

As your child hears and sees images on television and online of the shooting, you may want to be prepared to talk to them.

A local therapist tells us it's important to remember to be open with your kids on what's going on.

Start by talking to them about what they already know and then listen to what they have to say.

"Anybody who's got children, who are near kindergarten-age - kind of in that age bracket, it's likely to be rather upsetting and scary. If you think this could've been my child, (try) to make you have your own emotions under control, that you can be calm and help them just get that sense of well, 'mom and dad are calm and they're not upset so it must be okay here' so they think they're safe," says Ann Ball, marriage and family therapist.

She says children start understanding the concept of death around age three or four.

If they're too young, you may want to turn the TV off and shield them from the information.

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