CONSUMER ALERT: Sheriff's dept. suspects business calls in Cumberland to be a scam

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BARRON, Wis. (BARRON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPARTMENT NEWS RELEASE) -- The Sheriff's Dept has been receiving several calls from residents in the Cumberland Area stating that they are getting calls from a company stating that they will be at their residence at a certain time to give them an estimate due to the recent hail damage in the area. We believe this to be a scam and please report these calls to the Sheriff's Dept and call us immediately if someone shows up at your house so we can determine if this company is legitimate. We believe that they may calling to see if anyone is at home before they pull in. We are not sure of their intentions and a name we have been given is Total Construction. We don't believe this is a real business name. Yesterdays call no one showed up at the time given.

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