CONSUMER ALERT: State warns of potential donor scammers

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MADISON, Wis. (AP) -- State officials are warning of scammers who are out to cheat generous donors who want to help survivors of the devastating typhoon in the Philippines.

The Department of Financial Institutions says legitimate relief organizations aren't the only ones asking for donations. Con artists are also preying on well-meaning donors.

Department Secretary Peter Bildsten has a few tips to make sure your donations are going to a reputable charity. Give to organizations that you know and trust. Don't give a telephone solicitor your bank account or credit card information. Don't sent cash. Write any check to the organization, not an individual. Check to see if the charity is registered with DFI by going to and clicking on "Search Registrants" (or click on the link below).

Typhoon Haiyan razed the eastern part of the Philippines last week, killing thousands and leaving at least 600,000 homeless.

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