CVTC host manufacturing show

(WEAU) - How technology is used in manufacturing is a big focus of a show at CVTC Thursday night.

The manufacturing show features more than 20 companies and a number of programs at the college.

The show included a junkyard battle competition where area high school teams developed their school mascots through welding sculptures.

An organizer tells us Thursday's event was particularly important with the political attention on the nation's "skills gap". Dean of Industry, Energy and Ag Aliesha Crowe says “It's no secret that we hear there's a skills gap in this time and manufacturing is an industry where there's opportunity for people to get good paying jobs and often people don't know what it means to be in the world of manufacturing. They may have a perception of what that is and this is an opportunity to come see the hands on, to see the technology and the advances in manufacturing and really show what the industry is about."

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