Cameron High School uses twitter to stop bullying.

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CAMERON, Wis (WEAU) --A mysterious twitter account appears blasting those who work and learn inside a local school but then another twitter account pops up to fight against bullying.

Last week, Cameron High School Administration was alerted to two anonymous twitter accounts called @cometsportsprobz and @camproblems.

“I had seen the pages but didn’t really think much of it,” said Spencer Smith, 17.

Spencer Smith, captain of his schools cross country team, says it was when saw tweets targeting his team and others that he could no longer sit on the sideline

"I went on and saw that they had continued and put other posts on attacking individuals and I knew that something had to be done," said Smith.

Spencer took to his Facebook wall asking the students behind the tweets to take it down. And within the hour of his post the twitter pages were gone.

"I wasn't really expecting what came up I thought a few students to follow me and others just to say I was being a goody goody,” said Smith.

What spencer found next is what this story is really about. A new twitter account popped up called @camnicethings.

“An anonymous group of students decided to make this account. So they are out there posting nice things about people, sports the arts,” said Sarah Joosten.

Cameron High School senior Sarah Jooston says she was proud of her classmates when she saw the tweets

“I think getting rid of the negative was a big step but adding the positive shows that people are noticing you and the good things you do and you do matter to our school,” said Joosten.

So far the twitter page is getting great feedback from the school staff and students. The principal told me he's proud of his students and it shows the positive power of peer pressure.