Celebrating 70 years of marriage

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Eau Claire, WI (WEAU) -- While a 25-year anniversary is considered silver and 50-years gold an area couple has blown by those milestones. They’re celebrating 70-years together today.

Edward and Margaret Weerts started their journey in Minnesota but settled in Eau Claire after their retirement around 1985.

It all began seventy years ago, when Edward and Margaret Weerts took their vows in Long Prairie Minnesota on July 16th 1944.

Edward says, "We courted by letter, we didn't even use the telephone because to go long distance on the telephone in the 1940's was a little expensive. Then on our wedding day, her father said "Now that you're married, I think that the U.S. Postal Service is going to go bankrupt."

After 70 years of marriage, the Weerts know each other well. Margaret says, “He's very caring, and very helpful.” To which Edward responds, "I can say the same thing for you."

Edward spent 43 years teaching with Margaret by his side, with her teaching for 24 of those years. Edward says, "I usually joke and say when she was in school I could at least sort of be a boss then."

And during those 70 years there have been plenty of happy memories and challenges faced. Margaret says, “There were difficulties with children getting ill and a few broken bones.” But, together they've survived the tough times, all while raising four children, which has left them with plenty of advice to offer.

Edward says, “Don't try to be perfect, because you aren't going to be perfect but trust everything will work out."

Now, after 70 years of love and commitment they're celebrating their anniversary with the support of family and friends, all while remembering one simple philosophy for a happy marriage.

Margaret says, "Sometimes, you just take it one day at a time.”

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