Chippewa Falls mother reunites with her son after 30 years

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EAU CLAIRE, WIS-- EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU)--A reunion decades in the making! Kathy Amaya’s son David was abducted by his father and taken to Mexico 35 years ago. But on Tuesday, Kathy got to bring her son home to meet his family.

"It's a dream come true," said Rose Williams David’s Aunt.

Williams says she has dreamt of this moment.

“I've thought about it many times. It was always in the back of my mind that we would find him or he would find us. This is a dream a miracle," said Williams.

Williams was the last person to see David’s before his dad picked him up for a scheduled visit and never brought him back.

"That day when he came to get him to spend the day, I didn't think it would be the last time we saw him," said Williams.

David was taken from their home in Chicago to Mexico. He was just two years old at time and it wasn't until two weeks ago when David crossed the border his family got word he was ok.

"I'm really overwhelmed. I keep thinking I’m having a dream and that I will wake up," said David’s Mother Kath Amaya.

Kathy met and embraced her now adult son in San Diego over the weekend after three decades apart.

And amidst all the hustle was able to share a long awaited moment.

"Te quiero. Te quiero mami..I love you too,” said David Amaya.

"He’s all grown up and I’ve never seen his graduation, his first day of school," said Kathy Amaya.

But Kathy says she’s not missing any more milestones.

"I'm going to cook a big meal for us he's never had a thanksgiving," said Kathy.

And along with all the traditional fixings of the meal, Kathy says she excited to for David to get to know his siblings he's meeting for the first time.

And although they don't speak the same language, it’s no barrier for the bond that's building between mother and son.

“We still don't know everything about each other but we are taking it day by day,” said Kathy.

David will stay with Kathy in Chippewa Falls until January.


SAN DIEGO, CA --It took more than thirty years to happen but a Chippewa Falls woman was reunite with her son Saturday in San Diego.

David Amaya was abducted as a toddler and found in San Diego just a few weeks ago. He was trying to travel back to Chippewa Falls to see his mother, Kathy Amaya. David says when he was a toddler, his father took him from Chicago to Mexico. He was told his mother abandoned him.

It wasn't until more than three decades later, when he was caught crossing the U.S Mexico border, border patrol agents told David his mother's been looking for him this entire time.

“He's all grown up and I’ve never seen his graduation, his first day of school,” said Kathy Amaya after seeing her son again.

Once Kathy and David are done exploring San Diego, They plan fly to Wisconsin and go to Chippewa Falls where Kathy lives.