Chippewa Falls police officers rescue ducklings from storm drain

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- Local police officers are proving once again, they will come to the rescue for even the smallest of animals.

On Sunday morning just before 8 a.m., the Chippewa Falls Police Dept. said it got a report of a mother duckling near a storm drain where her ducklings had fallen through. It happened in the 700 block of Buttenhoff Rd.

Officer Joe Nelson said he and Officer Cody Monson responded. Sgt. David BeBeau was able to capture the rescue on camera.

Nelson and Monson lifted the storm drain and Nelson lowered himself into the drain. One by one, ten little ducklings were brought back onto the grass where mama duck awaited her babies.

It only took a few minutes to rescue the ducklings. The video shows mama duck waited around until all ten ducklings were back under her wings.

This is the second duck rescue in the Chippewa Valley in a matter of days. On May 20th, Officer Kevin Putzy with the Eau Claire Police Dept. was driving on Clairemont Ave. near Stein Blvd. in Eau Claire, when he noticed a mother duck and her ducklings crossing a busy stretch of road. He repositioned his squad and activated emergency lights to warn approaching traffic as the ducks crossed. The video was posted on YouTube and as of Sunday night, it has more than a million views.

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