Chippewa Falls swimmers show true essence of sportsmanship

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Chi hi senior, Trenton Zwiefelhofer has Polymicrogyria, a condition that affects his motor skills and depth perception, but that didn't stop him from qualifying for last weekend's sectional in the 50 free.

"It was awesome. I've been trying for three years and it actually happened and I really liked that," says Trenton.

His work ethic caught the attention of his teammates. Earlier this season as they named him Captain. This week they made Trenton an alternate on the state-bound relay.

"He's given us so much, that we'd like to be able to reward him a little bit," says senior captain, Michael Passint.

"It means a lot, especially since it's my senior year, it means a whole lot to me. And these guys, since they know I've been trying really hard to make it," says Trenton.

His family, who once feared allowing him to swim, are overwhelmed with the support of his teammates.

"People can be cruel to each other," says Trenton's mother, Missy Zwiefelhofer. "They took him out of his shell and let him be a part of the team, just to fit in. It's not what we expected, in fact I didn't want him to go out for swimming because I didn't want that to happen to him and they proved us wrong.

The Chi Hi swim team has become an extension of the Zwiefelhofer family, a brotherhood that truly shows the meaning of sportsmanship.

"He takes on a leadership role that other teams are able to see," says Passint. "And I think it probably inspires some of those kids to be more like Trent."

"It makes me think so highly of this team that they can accept someone, like my brother, into this team and just be like brothers to him," says freshman swimmer and Trenton's brother, Tyler Zwiefelhofer.

"They're family, they're brothers," says Trenton.

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