Chippewa Valley gears up for final weigh-in in weight loss challenge

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis.-- (WEAU) Since January, the Chippewa Valley has been on a challenge to lose weight. People all over our area are committing to lose 10 percent of their body weight or more. It's a local biggest loser competition and last year the pounds really came off.

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Together, the 2013 participants in the Chippewa Valley Challenge lost a staggering 2.5 tons. That's the equivalent of one and a half box trucks.

This year, the losses could be even greater. The final weigh in is next Monday, so WEAU caught up with one participant to see the work behind the big reveal.

"It's a really good feeling when your clothes are getting baggier and baggier," Sandi Magerowski said of her weight loss.

Since committing to a healthier lifestyle, Magerowski has been a woman on the move. She's made fitness a priority, plans her meals with precision and always has the gym on her calendar.

But it wasn't always that way. Last year, she and her husband Dave became grandparents for the first time. That meant more family photos and unwanted evidence of pounds gained.

"It was a little shocking to see," Magerowski explained. "We talked about losing weight several times, but you really have to have the mindset to actually do something about it."

So they started a three day cleanse.

"The vegetable shake was really hard to take down," she said. They both lost five pounds and say the cleanse was a jump start.

They looked better, felt better and wanted to keep it going. So they entered the Chippewa Valley Challenge.

Dave was working when we caught up with Sandi, but they both have dedicated gym routines. They push each other and that spousal competition is paying off on the scale. Dave has dropped 80 pounds, Sandi 40.

"We cleaned out our closet and we basically have a whole new wardrobe, my husband's been wearing my son's clothes now that he wore in high school," Magerowski said.

It hasn't been an easy change, but she says they won't back to their old ways. Until they hit their goal, it's pedal to the metal and pounds off the scale.

The final Chippewa Valley Challenge weigh in, is next Monday at Gordy's County Market in Eau Claire. Scales open at 4:45 p.m. The champion will be announced at 6 p.m.

That person will win a year lease of a 2014 Ford Focus and a year-long gym membership. Other prizes will be given away as well.

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