Church honors veterans at special ceremony

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FALL CREEK, Wis. (WEAU)- It's a special weekend meant to honor our veterans and Sunday one church did just that in their own special way.

St. John’s Lutheran Church held a service Sunday afternoon in honor of our past and present service men and women.

Taps, cannon fire and songs of America could be heard ringing through the fields surrounding the Church’s cemetery.

“It honors all the people that gave their lives to give us the freedoms we have,” Tom Mathwig said after he fired his Civil War Era cannon at the ceremony.

Mathwig says he has always been interested in old style artillery and the cannon is just one way to pay tribute to the men and women fighting to protect our country.

Along with the cannon fire came the placing of flags at the graves of 12 civil war veterans. It’s just one way Pastor Paul Bittner says the church can honor those who serve and teach kids about service and sacrifice.
“I would like the young boys and girls to sing the songs of America that aren't typically sung and I want them to realize that this is a special cemetery it goes back to Civil War,” Bittner said.

For scouts out placing flags it was a great way to pay tribute. For veterans at the ceremony it was a time of reflection and remembrance.

“I thought it was pretty cool that we got the opportunity to come out here,” Thomas Vanderweist of Boy Scout Troop 79 said.

“It feels like a good opportunity to show our community that we do care about our veterans,” Nathan Manor of Troop 79 added.

“Memorial day to veterans is a sacred day. It takes on a special meaning and for us not to go out and join in the commemoration to me would be a sin,” Chef de Gare Lloyd Granberg said.

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