Citizens react to Eau Claire State of the City address

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. -- City Council President Kerry Kincaid focused her State of the City speech on the benefits of cooperative agreements, basically laying out how the city has saved money by partnering with agencies in other cities and counties.

But before she took the podium on Tuesday afternoon, we hit the streets asking anybody who lives in Eau Claire to share their thoughts on the city's direction.

"I like how it centers on outdoor recreation," said Tina Bann.

"The police do a fine job, they don't harass people, I think it's a really good city to live in," said Robert Sanders.

And then there is room for improvement, mainly roads.

"Starr Avenue, the end of Starr Avenue near the airport," said Tricia Nowak.

"It feels like you're on a roller coaster going down that one," said Jared Blaser.

When we asked Kincaid about that, she agreed.

"I just drove on Starr Avenue this week and it's awful," Kincaid said.

She says the council will be looking at its capital improvement plan for summer street improvements and believes Starr Avenue will get some attention.

She is proud of the priority streets have been given over the years.

"We have been able to successfully lift the majority of our streets from medium to good but it does take constant vigilance and money," Kincaid said.

We also heard another concern.

"I think there should be more access for people that have needs such as homelessness," said Jared Blaser.

Kincaid says she wants to take on homelessness in her next term, bringing together all the minds and voices who are helping address the problem now.

"I think there's more we could do in one room together and lay out an action plan that states a problem and identifies it with an action plan," Kincaid said.

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