City ready for winter storm

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The city of Eau Claire says it's fully prepared for any kind of weather event. People say they can cope with the rain that's been coming down through most of the Tuesday. But snow is a whole different story.

The city says it's prepared but it looks like lots of people in Eau Claire are just tired of it.

“It's not at all the Spring Weather we were hoping for,” said Matthew Carlson as he was waiting for his bus.

“I can't believe it's going to snow it's the middle of April,” said local resident Deanna Hurd.

Street Maintenance Manager Steve Thompson says even though the city has started its spring clean-up already plows and trucks are prepared for the snow.

“We’re ready like we would normally be, in January, February and March, except now it's in April,” said Thompson.

The city of Eau Claire has the total of 35 plows. Steve Thompson says depending on how heavy the snow is tomorrow we might have as many as 15 of these machines out on the streets.

“It's anticipated we're going to have one good snow before the April is done, so once this is done than we're on the down side of winter,” said local resident Cheryal Keisler.

“It doesn't stay very long. We do have to be prepared. April is one of the moths we can except these type of snowfall yet,” said Thompson.

“I think everyone is sick of the snow, I know I personally am, I'm ready for summer, ready for green grasses,” said Alena Kenpf of Eau Claire.

But some say, love it or hate it, Wisconsin has four seasons and this is just a part of the deal.

“I might take out my winter boots again. We need the four seasons, we need to bunker down for a couple more weeks, and we'll have summer,” added Keisler.

SkyWarn 13 meteorologists say summer is still ways away. And we are still below average temperatures for April this year.

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