City snow removal: Where does all the snow go?

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)- You've probably seen piles of snow around town, in parking lots and streets, but where does the city put all of it?

So far this winter we've gotten 51-inches of snow. That’s' more than 17 inches above normal.

In order to keep streets clear throughout the winter the City of Eau Claire says it moves snow from roadways to two different sites in the city. The first site is near River Prairie Drive, the second site is on First Street in Eau Claire.
Monday’s three inch snowfall added a fresh layer of snow to those sites, and around town plenty of people were digging out from the latest storm.

“I think I have the shoveling technique down pat by now,” Lysandra Wise said.

White, who recently moved Eau Claire from upstate New York, said her first Wisconsin winter has brought more shoveling more than she expected.

Even for those lucky enough to have snow blowers and plows, clearing driveways and sidewalks this winter hasn’t been easy.

“It’s been a challenge trying to pile the snow up and trying not to bury the mailboxes. A lot of people have their front yards piled full,” Property Pro Service manager Jeremy Herbert said.

Property Pro Services says while they welcome the increased business this year from the snow, the challenge is figuring out where to put all of it.

Eau Claire’s street maintenance manager says with all the extra snow we've had this winter, crews have been racing to clear it all off the roads and move it to the storage site before the next round comes.

“We probably hauled about 70 thousand cubic yards of snow so far this year and we will continue to haul snow from the main arterials and the narrow residential streets as weather permits,” Eau Claire Street Maintenance Manager Steve Thompson said.

The City of Eau Claire says they are not really concerned about the snow storage areas in Eau Claire filling up. They say it could hold up to three times more snow than it already has.

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