Clark County to Host Next Alice in Dairyland Finals

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MADISON, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE) – The next Alice in Dairyland Finals will be hosted by Clark County. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Secretary Ben Brancel made the announcement Friday evening.

“Clark County will host the 67th Alice in Dairyland Finals on May 15-17, 2014,” said Secretary Brancel. “The Alice in Dairyland Finals will generate a lot of excitement in the region and provide an opportunity to highlight the positive impact of Clark County’s farms and agribusinesses. As the host, Clark County will make a key first impression on our next Alice in Dairyland.”

The Alice in Dairyland Finals is an annual event hosted each year by a different county to select the state’s official agricultural ambassador. Alice in Dairyland is a public relations professional who works one year as a DATCP employee speaking at community events, interviewing with statewide media and educating students in classrooms about the state’s $59 billion agricultural industry. The 66th Alice in Dairyland is Kristin (Natzke) Olson.

To apply to host the Alice in Dairyland Finals, counties submit an application explaining why they wish to host the finals, resources available, potential tour and event sites, ability to find volunteers and opportunity to raise funds. DATCP will request applications in January to recruit a host county for the 2016 Alice in Dairyland Finals. Clark County last hosted the Alice in Dairyland Finals in 2001.

“Clark County and the planning committee are very excited for to be hosting Alice in 2014,” said Chuck Rueth, Clark County’s Alice in Dairyland Steering Committee Chair. “We have some great agri-business tours lined up to showcase what the county has to offer, and we are creating plans to try to get the whole county to participate in this event.”

The Alice in Dairyland Finals includes a two day briefing in March and the three day Finals in May. The three days include interviews, agribusiness tours, an impromptu question and answer session and selection finale program. On the last evening, the Alice in Dairyland is selected from the group of finalists.

In Clark County, agriculture provides 46% of the county’s workforce. Clark County agriculture generates $1.5 billion of the county’s total business sales. Clark County is the top Wisconsin producer of forage, oats for grain and corn silage. The county also leads the state in the number of milk cows and number of dairy farms.

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