Cleaning crew cleans out Eau Claire hoarder house

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At 531 Cedar Street in Eau Claire, there are just three rules today: pack, stack and dump.

"It's an interesting project," said Tom Hanaman, owner of Servpro in Eau Claire.

He is donating his company's resources to help clean up the house.

"It's right up the alley of what we do as a business," he added.

Boxes, books, kitchen supplies and a lot of miscellaneous. All of it destined for one place.

"We're pretty much in a phase of taking what's in the house and putting it in the dumpster," Hanaman said.

That's really going to be the first step to getting this house back into liveable condition," said Elisa Simantz, a volunteer helping clean up the house. "She really has an attachment to her things and to let go of that has really been a struggle."

Last week, Cindy Hazelton, who lives here, helped sort through what she wanted to keep. Today, she gave the go-ahead to pick up the rest, haul it out and let it go in the dumpster.

Tom Hanaman says the project could take two to three days, including taking stuff out and then sanitizing.

"That's kinda gotta happen first so other people can be in the home," Hanaman added.

Clearing through the clutter, to a better and brighter day ahead.

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