Coat drive teaches the importance of giving back

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis (WEAU) --Students from St. James Elementary School, Regis Middle School and High School are learning outside the classroom today

"We are delivering coats people hats and mittens to all the people that need them," said 7 year old Thomas Sizer.

The field trip is part of a partnership between Regis Catholic Schools and Sacred Heart Hospital to help kids learn how they can help their community.

“We love to engage our youth as much as we can and this was the right fit to call our catholic schools and say ‘hey can you help,’ and they jumped on board and the fruits of the labor has really paid off,” said Mary Pengra with Sacred Heart Hospital.

The students collected coats, blankets, hats and gloves for a coat drive sacred heart is holding this Saturday.

"We realize that every year there are people in need. We wanted to make sure that we started the process early before the cold weather," said Pengra.

The Regis students were challenged to look in their closets and find something they no longer need and something that could help someone else.

"That makes me feel really good inside the heart," said 10-year old Adler Bowe.
“It’s just good to do nice things for other people,” said 9-year old Aiden Auch.
“I've always good to help other and it makes you feel good,” said Sizer.

Sacred heart's coat drive is open to anyone in the public.