Coffee jolt gives healthy benefits

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(WEAU) - The New England Journal of Medicine released a study this year involving 400,000 people and shows the risk of death may be lowered from a daily cup of joe.

According to the National Coffee Association about 54% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day.

But there's often a misconception that coffee is bad habit, due to the caffeine. Meanwhile, I wanted to find out how many cups of coffee people drink everyday.

"I would say probably 6-8 you,” said Chris Buckley of Eau Claire.

"Probably 8-10," said Heather Garber of Eau Claire.
"I would say 10-12,” said Gloria Buchholz of Foster.

Here in Eau Claire, Acoustic Cafe is a popular place to get a cup of coffee bringing in 20% of its profits from coffee alone.

"We roast our own coffee beans we buy them from a local importer,” said Louis Heymans, Owners of Acoustic Café.

To find out more about the study of this popular drink i sat down with a doctor at the UW Health system.

"When they first looked at the information, they found coffee drinkers had a higher rate of death, but they basically adjusted for people who smoke vs. people who didn't smoke. The more coffee people drank up to 6-7 cups, the lower risk they had from heart disease, stroke or other diseases,” said Dr. Bill Cayley, UW Health System.

The study revolves around those 50-71 years old.

Cayley says this study doesn't necessarily prove anything because we don't know what's in coffee that makes it potentially healthy which is probably for the best.

"If you figure out what piece of coffee it is that lowers your risk of death then someone is going to turn that into a medication and say here's this expensive medication you should buy," said Cayley.

"I do think that it has had a health benefit in the sense that I'm a very busy person and it keeps me energized and alert,” said Buckley.

"I like the favor of it. I guess I enjoy drinking it. It's a nice flavored hot drink,” said Garber.

"Now they say it's bad for your eyes so I don't if that's true or not. I just enjoy coffee," said Buchholz.

The owner of Acoustic Cafe even shared this statistic.

“Brewed coffee actually has more caffeine in it than espresso and I think people think when they get the espresso drink that their getting more caffeine than normal,” said Heymans.

"I have told my daughter in law make sure if I need it. Iv drip in the long term run," said Buckley.

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