Company donates $10,000 to nursing home damaged by fire

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GLENWOOD CITY, Wis. (RELEASE FROM AGSTAR)-- The AgStar Fund for Rural America, the corporate giving program of AgStar Financial Services, donated $10,000 to Glenhaven Nursing Home to help recovery efforts from the damage sustained in a fire last Tuesday.

With this $10,000 investment, AgStar is demonstrating its support for the recovery efforts at Glenhaven.

“AgStar is standing behind the residents of Glenwood City and Glenhaven Nursing Home,” stated Bob Madsen, Associate Vice President Rural Capital Network. “With this donation, we hope to kick start the recovery and let the community know we’re confident that Glenhaven will get through this unfortunate reality.”

The fire broke out on Tuesday morning (Jan 14th), causing severe damage to the construction site for the new addition to the nursing home. No residents were hurt, but the fire will significantly delay the grand opening of the new facility.

“Few words can describe what has happened to everyone here at Glenhaven and the surrounding communities,” said Dave Prissel, Glenhaven Administrator. “We thank everyone who has gotten us to this point, and with AgStar’s gracious donation we can begin to rebuild and look to the future.”

The impact of the fire to the community is substantial. Local authorities have ruled out arson or anything suspicious, but the cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

“The need for a new facility is extremely important,” Madsen continued. “The community deserves a better facility and we’ll continue to support them anyway we can.”

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