Confluence Project supporter clears up ownership confusion

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) Ahead of two major referendums on the Confluence Project, a supporter is hoping to clear up confusion over who would own the complex.

James Hanke says when it comes to the performing arts center, the state, through UW-Eau Claire, would own half of it. A local non-profit organization would own the other half.

But Hanke says that group hasn't been created yet.

The Confluence Council would act as a board of directors. Its members come from arts groups, the city, the university, Visit Eau Claire, developers and others in the community.

"I think where there was a little bit of confusion was the initial concept was that both the university and the community would co-own the facilities in its entirety, that was a model that wasn't acceptable to the Department of Administration in the State of Wisconsin. So the model was revised to accomodate the state as a process in the whole process," says Hanke, Chairperson, Voices for Growth.

Hanke says a private developer would own the mixed use portion of the complex which would include condos and commercial space.

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