Corn is knee-high by the fourth of July

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- Knee-high by the fourth of July. It is more than a phrase; it has become a standard to help measure the growth of corn.

And this year, Jerry Clark, a UW-Extension Soil and Crop Educator, says the corn is living up to those words.

"I think we're looking at knee-high by the fourth in primarily those fields that were planted on time, we've got some that are actually hip to shoulder high already," he said.

That is good news considering the odd spring and summer we have had so far. We have seen cooler temperatures and a lot of rain. All that water has created some issues.

"Trying to get the weeds under control right now has been an issue as they haven't been able to cultivate or get their herbicide applications on in a timely manner," he said. "Because it's been too wet and the fields won't allow sprayers or tractors in the field."

But even still, the corn will stand tall this July 4th. Depending on where you are at, it may come up to your knees, hips or go even higher.

And Clark says you might even see the impact of a good crop show up in your wallets.

"We're starting to see corn prices lower a bit, I think in the short run we might see cereal prices or things made with grain drop in price as we get toward harvest and fall," Clark added.

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