Country Jam 2013: Country...campers...creativity...oh my!

(WEAU) – Country Jam has finally arrived to the Chippewa Valley, but fans are not only are coming to see their favorite artists. It's a tradition that brings people back to together.

About 3,000 to 4,000 thousands campers traveled back and forth between the grounds and the Whispering Pines Campgrounds. When campers were asked what their favorite part was, the clear winner was the people.

"Country Jam is more than just the acts. It's the people,” said Veronica Slaby of Independence.

It may look like campsites to the naked eye, but for many its tradition with family. For the past 16 years, Veronica Slaby has made her way to jam with a group of about 30 people.

"My first year at Jam was my first year of college at Eau Claire and we used to tent camp and it was a free for all. So we'd wait in line on Wednesdays until they say ok go and we'd run and go get our spots,” said Slaby.

So I asked her to give me the tour of the campgrounds, where I found beer pong in a pool. But, you can’t forget about the breakfast of champions. It could be bacon or even an omelette in a bag. Then there's other veterans like Diane.

"That would be our friend Kelly. Kelly could not join us this year. My daughter Amanda. Yea we call her Kelly Jam. My daughter Amanda drew a picture of her so she's on the tree for us. She's joining us in spirit,” said Olson.

“This is table top kerplunk. You've got the ping pong balls . You just pull them out. It’s going to cost 50 cents a game. The one who has the most sticks after all the balls all fall out wins the pot of money. This contains no alcohol at all and no chicken were hurt in the making of this game,” said veteran camper.

"I have a Winnie the Pooh that's lit up at night so people can find their way back from the bar,” said Diane Olson of Glenwood City Wisconsin.

"I even found myself at the site that won for the best decorations. This is the Jammin' Tiki camp,” said Everett.

It was a sight that an American could appreciate, with the colors red, white and blue. Plus, solo cups hanging from above.

I even signed a table they painted, but the best part was their statue of liberty.

"A tomato cage, PVC, swim noodles material, spray paint. Red, white and blue first thing we thought of was the statue of liberty so we had to have her," said Kelly Johnson of Barron.

"It’s like Christmas. Oh did you get your tickets for next year. We're already talking about getting our tickets for next year. And yes we do party just as hard every single year,” said Slaby.