Country Jam staff watching for fake tickets, t-shirt vendors, underage drinkers

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EAU CLAIRE, Wisc. (WEAU) - With Country Jam coming up, staff is warning people not to buy tickets from any third parties, saying there's a strong chance they're copies, and won't work.

Country Jam is nearly ready to go, with tents being set up and vendors moving in, staff said.

While thousands watch country music artists, security will be watching fans, looking for counterfeits tickets, shirts and illegal activity.

“The people that have tried to scam, they've learned that it don't work so every year, it gets better for us,” Country Jam Director Mark Steen said.

He said counterfeit tickets haven't been much of a problem since switching to a barcode scanning system, that verifies a ticket, and only the first ticket will be accepted, and all others will be denied.

“If someone should make a photo copy and sell you a ticket, off our premises or not through country jam, there's a good chance they've made and extra copy and once that barcode is scanned, the first person in the gate that has that scanned, that's the only person that's gonna have entrance,” Country Jam Promotions and Marketing Director Pamela Speckien said.

“They're out of luck, it happens. They're upset, but they're not upset with us. They usually are upset at themselves for buying from a scalper. The common answer we get is i knew better,” Steen said.

Staff said it will also be watching for counterfeit tee-shirts, which has been a problem in Colorado. Anyone seen selling un-licensed shirts will be asked to leave, and could be ticketed.

“If they're on our property, i kick them off. If they give me a hard time, or it's enough of an issue, we'll press charges. Most of the time, they know that they're wrong and they just leave on their own,” Steen said.

He said the biggest issue they watch for is underage drinking, and undercover security will be there to help crack down on it.

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