Crashes, repairs costly in snow removal process

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) - As the snow piles up, so have the number of crashes and the need for repairs.

Snow blowers clear paths, and in time, break down, giving Jason Kistner and the staff at Eau Claire Lawn Equipment work to do.

“They never break down when they're not being used, so it's best to take a look at them before you need it,” Kistner said.

He said to avoid a trip to the shop, change the snow blower's oil once a season, use up gas within 30 days and single stage blowers should be used earlier in a storm, when there's five inches or less to clear.

“As the winter gets longer, and you have more and more snow, I think everybody starts to get more on edge. Everybody's ready for some warm weather and some sunlight and to get start talking mowing season,” Kistner said.

On a larger scale, snow plow drivers run into their own problems, like Monday when a van slid into a truck while going around a curve.

“With the curves and intersections are slippery and we're working to keep the snow off those areas but it was coming at a quite consistent rate this morning and those areas stay slippery until the storm has passed, so just be aware of the conditions,” Eau Claire street maintenance manager Steve Thompson said.

He said with temps above freezing in the forecast, Monday's issues could be gone soon.

“(Tuesday's) warm weather, things are going to melt off on the main arterials and by this time tomorrow, we should be seeing some pretty decent streets.”

Thompson said no one was hurt in the accident, with some damage to the van and only a deflated tire on the city truck.

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