DHS says healthcare facility violated Wisconsin health laws

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Investigators with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services found several violations at Lake Hallie Memory Care when the business was inspected last fall.

In a DHS report, obtained by WEAU 13 News, investigators noted Lake Hallie Memory Care did not properly background check employees during the hiring process.

That led to another finding -- the business had hired a convicted sex offender. that worked in and around the building for seven months.

His job was "Environmental Services Coordinator." DHS notes his position gave him "regular, direct, unsupervised contact with facility residents."

He was on call 24/7 and had access to the building day or night.

The report says he was hired in February 2013 and was fired in September 2013 after the background check revealed his criminal history.

The documents go on to show Lake Hallie Memory Care violated several other parts of Wisconsin health code.

It did not post signs in places where surveillance cameras were used. Wisconsin health code says cameras are okay in certain parts of the building but a sign must be posted saying there is a camera present.

Lake Hallie Memory Care also did not properly notify DHS when police had to be called for safety issues or when patients were hospitalized because of serious injury.

The report gives several examples of both of these types of incidents happening but DHS was not told about it within the required three day window.

The report goes on to say the business did not ensure that employees were properly trained to be working in a community based residential facility.

Some job descriptions were also incomplete and did not stack up to DHS guidelines.

DHS says the company has completed a required "plan of correction," detailing how they will fix these violations.

It has also paid the $20,000 fine and did not appeal the violations.

We tried reaching out to the CEO of the company but were not able to reach him by phone for comment.