Dads Advising Dads: New resource group helping fathers

(WEAU) - There's a new trend in the Chippewa Valley, one that has a lot of dads talking and it's called Dads Advising Dads.

Support groups aren't just for moms anymore, now dads are getting helpful advice on parenting; it's a collaborative effort from the Eau Claire Area School District, Western Dairy Land Head Start and community members.

When it comes to parenting, it's not an easy job, no matter how old your child is. For fathers Dale Karls and Josh Sterling, there's now a new resource to support their parenting.

"Headstart and the Eau Claire School District had the date with dad program a few years, and this really is just an extension of that,” said Dale Karls, Western Dairyland.

"There really wasn't anything anywhere that was really there to help dads," said Josh Sterling, Holiday Vacations, Tourism Consultant.

Dads Advising Dads has had 3 meetings so far, and while it’s a new idea it's an effort that's bringing ease to the community.

"I want it to be a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer to newer fathers or fathers that are going through things that they don't know how quite to handle,” said Sterling.

At the Eau Claire Area School District in the Administration building that dads have the chance to meet with other dads. They have the opportunity to meet with speakers as well as other fathers in the community once a month.

"We'll have someone from the YMCA come and talk about active families. We'll also have someone come in and talk about choosing a safe childcare provider,” said Karls.

Karls with Western Dairyland says topics that have come up already are things like potty training, brushing teeth and picky eating.

"Like a lot of parents we think we know what we're doing most days. But you can always learn so much, you can learn from attending groups like this," said Karls.

Sterling says the meetings have roundtable discussions for questions and answers.

"You feel like hey he's going through the same thing. Oh alright, you've been dowe this you been down this road and its still good,” said Sterling.

Dads can even meet outside the group's monthly meetings for advice.

"We really want to grow the group and get more people actively involved,” said Karls.

Meetings are the first Wednesday of every month from 6-7pm, in the Eau Claire Area School District Administration building.

You can go to their Facebook to get more information, which is