Developer and software firm show plans for new office building

(WEAU) - A software firm and developer in Eau Claire unveiled a proposal to build a new office building in the Phoenix Park neighborhood.

According to Commonweal Development President Stuart Schaefer, JAMF Software would build its new office north of the RCU building on Riverfront Terrace. Right now JAMF Software is located on Graham Avenue.

The 65,000 square feet, 4 story building would be the first to be built in the Commonweal Proposal.

The land the new building would be constructed on is currently owned by RCU. The credit union had originally planned to build a second building on the land, but recently announced that was no long the plan. Schaefer says talks to purchase the land are ongoing between RCU and JAMF.

Phase two of the proposal would include a third apartment built by the owners of the Riverfront Terrace apartments next to their original two.

Also in the proposal were future suggestions to build a downtown parking ramp where the current post office stands as well as additional apartment builds and two mixed use buildings.

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